Official Plugins

ClipBucket Mass Embedder


– ClipBucket v2
– Curl Enabled PHP Hosting


– Download ClipBucket Mass Embedder Plugin From client area
– Unzip the file, you will get “upload” folder
– (if updating , goto Plugins and admin area and uninstall existing)
– Upload all files under “upload” folder to your ClipBucket root folder
– After Uploading, Goto Admin Panel > Plugin Manager > Find Plugin in “Available Plugins” and click Install
– Once install, Goto Plugin Settings Page, Enter your CBMass Embbed License which you will get once your order is fully activated.
– Thats All, you are ready to use ClipBucket Mass Embedder

How To

– You can change ClipBucket Mass Embed Settings by Going to “Mass Embed Videos Page” under “Videos Manager” menu
– Click on “click here to edit settings” to change settings
– Keywords are used to search videos based on saved keywords
– You can set Times ie “All Time” “Today” “This Month” Etc
– You can set Sort Type ie “Top Rated” “Most Viewed” etc

Auto Categorize

– to make this feature possible, all you have to do is, enter keywords for each category,
clipbucket will check for each keyword in videos tags, if it founds any matched keyword, then category will be assigned automatically.

e.g, If you want to assign category “Celebrities” to video with the title “Angelina Jolie” having “angelina, jolie, hollywood, actress” tags,
all you have to do is , add tags “actress” in Celebrities Category. it will be automatically assigned.

Auto Channel Creation

– If you check Create Channel, a channel will be automatically created based on either the keyword or text field, whatever you select. if channel already exists, it will insert videos in the channel.

Trouble Shooting

– PHPShield Error, if you get any error like PHPSheild, please ask your Host to install PHPShield Loaders
– Channels Not Created automatically
Make sure you are using ClipBucket v2.0.4 or above
– Videos Not Embbedding
Make sure cURL is installed on your server
– Mass Embedder Crashes on several Keywords
Make sure you are using latest version of Mass Embedder

For other problems, please contact as at

Note: Our new version has been released, kindly check the video links below to know more…

Youtube How-to Links for Embedder:
1) How to install ClipBucket Mass Embedder Pro
2) Setting up ClipBucket Mass Embedder With WordPress AutoPoster