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  • How to install Clipbucket - Pictorial
    • Note: This installation guide was written for ClipBucket 2.6 and the lastest version now is 2.7.1 But you don't need to worry about anything because installation process is still the same and we plan on keeping it the same. Installation pages design and requirements continue to change.
  • Clipbucket Conversion Settings
    • Note: This tutorial can be used for ClipBucket 2.7 as well.
  • How to use Remote Upload Feature
  • How to install Clipbucket in WampServer - Pictorial
  • How To Disable Remote Upload & Embed Upload?
    • If you want to disable remote upload option please follow these steps.

      1.Open your domain FTP account and enter in include folder and then enter in classes folder and open ClipBucket.class.php.

      2. Now find this code and remove it.

      'remote_upload_div' => array(
      'title' => 'Remote Upload',
      'func_class' => 'Upload',
      'load_func' => 'load_remote_upload_form',
      'remote_upload_div' => array( 'title' => 'Remote Upload', 'func_class' => 'Upload', 'load_func' => 'load_remote_upload_form', )

      If you want to disable embed upload option please follow below steps.

      1. Login in your admin area (domain/admin_area)

      2. Now click on Plugin Manager and find the Embed Video Upload and Deactivate it.

  • How to add a new template in ClipBucket V2 ?
    • To add new template in clipbucket V2 just follow these steps.

      1. Login to your domain via FTP account
      2. Goto styles directory and upload your theme forlder there for eg. iclear_black_purple

      And your new template is add now go in your admin area and click on template manger and active your new template.

  • How to change Groups Tab Name In Header
    • 1. Go in your admin area
      2. click on "Stats And Configurations" and then click on "Language Settings"
      3. Now click on your selected language "Edit Phrases"
      4. Search "Groups" in "Phrase Code - Name" field (after search you will see some results in search)
      5. Now change "Phrase" Groups to other name and press enter
  • How to Disable Create Group Option For Users & Members
    • 1. login in your FTP account 
      2. click on "styles" folder and click on your active template folder
      3. Here you will see three folders (images,layout & theme) now click on layout folder
      4. After it you will see lots of html files in this folder now search "groups.html" and open it
      5. Now search this code in "groups.html" and Delete it.
      <div class="time_cont" align="right">
      <span class="cb_fb_style_button"><a href="{link name='create_group'}">{lang code='user_create_group'}</a></span>
  • How to change video player logo
    • 1. Login to your admin area 2. On the left side collapse Templates and Players (Fig.1) 3. In collapsed menu click on Player settings (Fig.1) 4. From here you can choose your logo and right below the choose file button you can see the logo placement options (Fig.2) 5. After selecting the logo and placement go to bottom and hit the update button (Fig.2) 6. Now remove your browsers cache to see the effect



  • How to make website offline
    • 1. Login to admin area (eg. mysite.com/admin_area) 2. Go to website configurations (Fig.1) 3. Below in website settings tab you will see the option to put website offline (Fig.2)



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